Monday, May 5, 2008

Nine Hours Old

Nine hours old. That was how old the baby was. I looked up at the man who had dropped the child in my arms with an inquisitive stare. “The baby is hungry” was all he said. I gazed again at the child. It’s cheeks were bright red and it’s hair was sticky from just being born. “Has the mother feed the child at all” I asked the man. “She doesn’t want anything to do with the child” he said as he briskly walked away from me. There were already 4 children there I was responsible for and 43 in the orphanage. With supplies running low and my brain spinning, I realized that none of these thoughts even mattered. All I could think was how could someone not want this beautiful child. Yeah, I know that all babies aren’t always beautiful, especially not newborns. However, this child was gorgeous. He was dressed in all pink, but one quick look under the layers of towels he was delivered in revealed he was for sure a male. My eyes met his and I moved towards the formula I had on the shelf and made a bottle for this gift from God. Somewhere in the world there was a family who desperately wanted a baby, and here he was-safely in my arms till we could get him to his new home.

I looked around the room as the little eyes I was taking care of stared at me and the new baby. I asked out loud what we should call him but all the little eyes belonged to mouths too young to speak. I carried him around so they could all see his gorgeous face.

Each trip to Haiti comes with surprises. I don’t even bother planning because I know it will never really go the way I planned anyway. This particular trip was especially special for me. For those of you too far away to see the glow on my face, I want to let it be known that an amazing young man named Kyle and I are “courting”. He is also heavily and devotedly involved with missions and this was the first trip we were led together. Our parents are thrilled and so are we. Where his talents and gifting end, mine begin. It is a breathtaking thing- this partnership.

He worked during the day with his father doing things that I am never able to do when I come to Haiti like running new electric lines, fixing pumps that clear foul and parasite ridden water out of the village, and fixing our dear missionary friend’s vehicle. I took care of babies and the team. It was a hot, sweaty, and beautiful trip on all levels.

The baby was given the name Kennedy James. Quite austere. While we were there four more adoptions were finalized. Words can’t describe how grateful we are for that. Haiti, not surprisingly, was in the middle of a revolution right before we flew in. Rising food costs in the impoverished island only make it worse for the abandoned children. Then the government offices all closed due to violence, trapping the children in the system even longer. Every day that a child stays in Haiti can be perilous. This is still a country where 1 in 5 children die before the age of 5. But we got 4 more out and safely to their new safe, loving, and godly homes!

Haiti is only one of the many things that are happening in my life. Each subsequent trip I make reinforces what I already know-I need more medical training. I finished half of my EMT (Emergency Medical Technical) training in Africa last summer. When I came home from Africa I wanted training in computers as well as medical training. I was blessed with free computer courses and now I have a chance to finish the medical portion for half the price that it normally costs. I am going to be getting certified in June. The total cost is about $1200. It will be a great investment and I could sure use the help. If anyone feels led to help me with that, please just let me know. I am sure that this training is going to be used in every area of my life and ministry.

Also, as always, please keep me posted on your lives. We live in day and age where we can be in touch but never really in touch. Nothing brings me greater joy than interacting with the body of Christ. Please let me know what is going on in your life:) I am very interested. We can’t do what we do without each other’s love and support!

God Bless!