Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Story

Many of you may already know our story, but we would like to share with you how God brought us together.

Both Kyle and Cherie were attending a young adult church in Merritt Island, FL. They knew of each other, but did not know each other. Just prior to Kyle spending 14 months overseas, in passing Kyle told Cherie, “You are a hard person to forget” and off he went. Fast forward:

April 2006

The smell of BBQ was lingering in the air at a welcome home party for Kyle. They found themselves on the front porch of his parent’s home discussing missions and current events and their perspective places in such things. Over the course of the next several weeks many more of these conversations took place much to their surprise. Low and behold, stars formed in their eyes and off they went to their separate powers that be to confer with them about the possibility of God’s plan for them. Bam. It was on. However…..

Three months into the blossoming love, they began to see God’s hand directing them apart. With heavy hearts they bid farewell to each other with no idea if they would ever be back together again. The Lord directed them to different parts of the world over the next 18 months. They grew in stature and wisdom drawing closer to God while being reminded to surrender everything to Him, even the person that they wanted to marry. Tears were shed and many prayers uttered at ridiculous hours of the night as they traveled through many different countries. No doubt- it was a time of extreme and necessary growth.

February 2008

As Cherie was preparing to lead a team to Haiti, and Kyle was returning from Africa, their paths crossed again. Awkward. It went a little something like this:

Kyle “How you getting to the airport?”

Cherie “Eh(in a timid voice), renting a car, someone paid for it”

Kyle “Ok, how you getting home?”

Cherie “Suppose I’ll rent another car”

Kyle “You want me to pick you guys up?”

Cherie “Nah”

Cherie’s point of view- I was terrified when I saw Kyle again when he returned from Africa. I still loved him deeply, no, probably deeply is not even the word. I had grown in love and appreciation that seems boundless in our time apart. When I first saw him again, I kicked myself because I knew that I was hopelessly devoted to him but I had no idea if we would ever be together. When he asked about the ride, I was so scared of hurting again that I said no. However, on the trip to Haiti, I felt the Lord leading me to accept the ride. I am so glad that I did:)

Kyle’s point of view- I was thinking to myself; why did I ask her that? This in turn brought on the flood of thoughts that had been going through my head for the last five months. In first John 1 it says “ Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” I knew that when we parted ways what seemed like so long ago, I had to give up the things that I thought I deserved (Cherie) and draw close to God. As I went through the process of laying down my rights and seeking the Lord for direction in my life, at what I believe to be His perfect timing thoughts of Cherie went through my head not at all unlike the old ELO Song. I sat on those thoughts and did nothing but pray, as the time for me to come back to the US came closer I prayed harder! I knew that the rubber would hit the road and sparks would fly. (mind you, there are good and bad sparks out there)

The Juicy Parts

On the 4 hour ride home from the airport, Cherie and Kyle found themselves lost in conversation again. Interestingly enough, it was missions and current events. The conversation was so good, in continued for a week. During this week, there were more tearful prayers, but in a good (warm cuddly feeling inside) way. At the end of the week, there was a showdown. At the sake of losing some of the passé, I will place the words in narrative format again.

Kyle (awkward pause) “Umm, I am shaking in my flip-flops and not because it’s cold out here”

Cherie “Well, I think you need to go first on this one”

Kyle “Dang it. Ok, here it is. I don’t want to “try again” cause trying leaves room for quitting. I want to start fresh. Let’s clear off the slate and start from the beginning”

Cherie “ Kyle, are you saying you want to be together again? (a sly smile spread across her face)

Kyle (employing his best “blue steel” look) “Yes.”

Cherie “ Ummm, yeah, are we sure that this is God’s will?” translation- I am so in love with you and my heart could completely deflate forever if this falls apart again.

Kyle “ I think this could be beautiful dollface”

Cherie “I just want you to know something Kyle. Every person I have met in the last two years has paled completely in comparison to you. I can’t imagine doing anything else other than this.”

Kyle’s Point of View After Cherie made that statement I felt the hammer fall in my heart. The judge was saying that’s it kid, this is what you are going to do and that was your confirmation. I was thinking, holy cow! I can’t believe she just said that, I think I got that warm fuzzy feeling again. But I was bouncing now and Cherie was laughing at me because I was so excited. It was kinda late so we wrapped up the conversation then. I walked away with that my mind has just been blown feeling but I had what I can now identify as peace in my heart.

So the rest is history. It has been a beautiful thing getting to know each other with a new perspective and a renewed passion for God.

November 28, 2008 (drum roll please……)

· pleasantly cool breeze swept across a beach in the Florida panhandle

· birthday celebrations abounded

· caving, canoeing, and a dude with a crazy idea

· a lone crane spectating off in the distance

· nervousness

· cluelessness

· one knee

· a few bold statements in the form of a question

· a look of bewildered surprise

· smiles and really excited giggles

· tight embraces

· tasty smooches

· a few pictures

· and then we were off to dinner with friends

THE END of this story is really only the beginning…..